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Contact Information
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade,
Department of microelectronics and engineering physics
   Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73, 11120
    Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3370 163 
Office: 104
Work information
Assistant Professor
Research interests
- Electronic structure and optical properties of quantum semiconductor nanostructures
- Theory of intersubband light absorption
- Optimization of nonlinear optical properties of quantum semiconductor structures (quantum wells, superlattices, Bragg-confined structures) based upon III-V's, and nitride semiconductors
- Design and optimization of structure profiles for particular applications (quantum well infrared photodetectors, electro-optic modulators)
- Global optimization of nonlinear optical effects (by optimal control theory, variational calculus, simulated annealing)
- Quantum cascade lasers in magnetic field
- Optimization of spin-dependent properties in heterostructures based on semimagnetic semiconductors
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (
Undergraduate Courses:
Quantum Mechanics
Solid State Electronics
Semiconductor Microstructures
Graduate Course:
Methods for optimization of linear and nonlinear optical parameters in semiconductor nanostructures

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