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Institute of Physics
Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials
   Institute of  Physics,
   Pregrevica 118, P.O.Box 68, 11080    Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Dr Zoran V. Popovic  
Room: 7
   ext. 190
Fax: +381-11-3160531
Gordana Kodzo
Current Members
Name  Phone 
+381 11-(...)
Prof. dr Zoran V. Popovic 3713-190
Dr Rados Gajic 3713-046
Dr Maja Scepanovic 3713-024
Dr Zorana Dohcevic-Mitrovic 3713-024
Dr Radmila Kostic 3713-164
Dr Aleksandar Golubovic 3713-047
Dr Mirjana Grujic-Brojcin 3713-023
Dr Djordje Jovanovic  3713-034
Dr Goran Isic 3713-050
Dr Nenad Lazarevic 3713-048
Dr Borislav Vasic 3713-050
Dr Dimitrije Stepanenko 3713-034 
Dr Novica Paunovic 3713-048
Dr Sonja Askrabic 3713-023
Dr Marko Radovic 3713-024
Aleksandra Milutinovic 3713-173
Milka Jakovljevic 3713-034
Aleksandar Matkovic 3713-148
Uros Ralevic 3713-148
Natasa Tomic 3713-034
Marijana Milicevic 3713-148
Bojan Stojadinovic 3713-034
Marko Opacic 3713-034
Technical Scientific support
Zoran Cvetkovic, Dragan Ignjatijevic, Veroljub Jovancevic, Dragan Djuric, Stojan Novakovic, Predrag Kojic, Snezana Velickovic
Former Members
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Dr Nebojsa Romcevic Institute of Physics
Dr Maja Romcevic Institute of Physics
Dr Goran Stanisic Institute of Physics
Dr Dusanka Stojanovic Institute of Physics
Dr Jelena Trajic Institute of Physics
Dr Slobodanka Kostic Institute of Physics
Dr Zorica Lazarevic Institute of Physics
Dr Zorica Jaksic Institute of Physics
Dr Milan Konstantinovic
Dr Jelena Radovanovic Faculty of Electrical Engindering
Dr Slobodan Devic    
Dr Zorica Konstantinovic     
M.Sc Angela Beltaos
M.Sc. Dejan Djokic
M.Sc. Branka Hadzic Institute of Physics
M.Sc. Miomir Vukmirovic Brookhaven National Laboratory
M.Sc. Nada Tomic-Devic     
M.Sc. Olga Latinovic
Srdjan Milicic Arisona State University
M.Sc. Aleksandar Jelisijevic     
Aleksandra Piper     
Vladimir Damnjanovic     
Dragan Zajic     
Dusan Pejakovic     
Jelena Todorovic
Milica Petrovic Institute of Physics
Martina Gilic Institute of Physics
Tomislav Radic
Sasa Marjanovic     
Dr Ivana Hinic+
Ivana has passed away on February 8, 2004

We all miss her so much. Her enthusiasm and curiosity in science, her brilliant and rigorous comments on physics, her smile and her attentive and passionate presence in the group will always be in our memory.


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