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Contact Information
    Institute of Physics
    Centre for Solid State Physics and New Materials
    P.O. Box 68
    Pregrevica 118, 11080 Belgrade,
Room: 103
Office phone: +381 11 3713164
             ext: 164

Work information
Senior Advisor

Since 1980 I have been working in the Laboratory for Solid state physics in the Institute of Physics, Belgrade on the problems of crystal growth from the solution, sintering of high-Tc superconductor ceramics and thick films, characterisation of semiconductors, semi magnetic semiconductors and superlattices by far-infrared and Raman spectroscopy. 

I have published articles concerning these topics in national and international journals. 
Professional experience
Arrangement and set-up for Hall measurements, Infra-red reflection spectra measurements and Raman scattering measurements at the low temperatures, and sample preparations in the Laboratory for solid state physics at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. 
Global preferences
Applied physics. 

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