Laboratory for material synthesis and crystal growth consists of several crystal growth techniques such as Czochralski, Bridgman or floating zone, thin film technology methods (thermal evaporation, spattering, laser ablation), sol-gel technology, sintering, etc.

     Laboratory for nanoscopy (STM, AFM, SNOM) is equipped with state of art equipment for measuring the properties of materials at nano-level (Omicron variable temperature SPM and AFM, model B002645 SPM PROBE VT AFM 25 with MATRIX control system, SNOM, model TwinSNOM R).

     Laboratory for FT-infrared spectroscopy and ellipsometry is equipped with two FTIR systems: a Bomem DA-8, and a SPECAC spectrometers. The former system allows for the measurements in the wide frequency range (30-25000 cm-1) at temperatures between 4 and 300 K.

     Laboratory for Raman scattering and photoluminescence is equipped with double grating U1000 Jobin Yvon monochromator, Ar, Kr, He-Ne and He-Cd ion lasers, and Peltier effect cooled photomultiplier (model RCA 31034A) as a detector (single photon counting detection system). For low-temperature measurements (10 K-400 K) there is the Leybold closed cycle helium cryostat.

     Laboratory for µ-Raman scattering spectroscopy is equipped with triple Jobin Yvon T 64000 spectrometer (gratings with 1800 grooves/mm), a Coherent Ar- Kr mixed gas ion laser, and a CCD detection system. The set-up contains a confocal microscope and an x-y-z microscope stage. For variable temperature measurements there is a Linkam THMS 600 heating and cooling microscope stage, which allows for the micro-Raman measurements to be performed within the 77 to 900 K temperature range. Another micro-Raman set-up is a TriVista 557 spectrometer. A Konti liquid helium microscope cryostat is also part of this laboratory.

     Laboratory for Brillouin scattering spectroscopy is equipped with Tandem Fabry Perot Interferometer TF-1 (JRS Scientific).

     Laboratory for transport properties measurements (Hall effect set up) is equipped with a conventional electro-magnet (magnetic field up to 1.5 T), a Hall effect set-up and an ARS Displex DE-202N closed-cycle-helium cryostat (for low temperature measurements between 7 and 300 K).

     Laboratory for magnetic and magneto-optic measurements is equipped with a 14 T cryogen free measurement system (Cryogenic Ltd. superconducting magnet with a vibrating sample magnetometer, a resistivity and Hall effect set-up, a specific heat system). This system has an optical window at the bottom of the cryostat for optical connection with the TriVista TR557 triple Raman system so that Raman and photoluminescence measurements can be performed at low temperatures and in high magnetic fields.



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