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Activity 5 - Photonic Crystal Physics

     The goal of the project is to investigate properties of photonic crystals applied in the microwave and teraherz range. The research consists of developing and improving new fabrication techniques, experiments at millimetre wave and the calculation of different new photonic crystal structures. The investigation includes effects like negative refraction, the slow wave propagation, lefthandness, applications of high dielectric materials or the apperiodic waveguides.

Activity coordinator: 
  Rados Gajic
1. Institute of Physics Belgrade
2. University of Leoben
3. University of Linz
Selected publications:
  1. R. Gajic, F. Kuchar, R. Meisels, J. Radovanovic, K. Hingerl, J. Zarbakhsh, J. Stampl, A. Woesz,
    "Physical and materials aspects of photonic crystals for microwaves and millimetre waves",
    Zeit. Metallkunde 95 (7) 618 (2004)
  2. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, J. Zarbakhsh, K. Hingerl,
    'Negative refraction in the Valence Band of 2D Square Lattice Photonic Crystal at Millimetre Waves', 
    to be published (2005)
  3. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, K. Hingerl,
    "Negative Refraction vs. Lefthandness in 2D Square Lattice Photonic Crystal", 
    to be published (2005)
  4. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, K. Hingerl,
    "All-Angle Lefthanded-Negative Refraction in 2D Kagome Lattice Photonic Crystal"
  5. R.Gajic, R.Meisels, F.Kuchar, A.Wöß, J. Radovanovic, R. Zikic and J. Stampfl,
    "Photonic Band-Gap Materials for Microwave Applications",
    52. Jahrestagung der ÖPG, Salzburg, Österreich, 2003, Abstr. Proceed. pp 114
  6. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, J. Radovanovic and F. Kuchar,
    "3D Photonic Band Gap Structure for the Ka-U Microwave Range"
    XI Telecommunication Forum TELFOR, Belgrade, 25-27. November (2003)
  7. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, J. Radovanovic, A. Woesz, J. Stampfl, K. Hinger,
    "Photonic Band Gap Structures in the 26-60 GHz Range",
    Jahrestagung der DPG, Regensburg, 2004, Abstr. Proceed. pp ?
    "Negative refraction of EM waves in photonic crystals"
    Physics Congress of Serbia and Montenegro, Petrovac, Proceedings, pp. 4-21 (2004)
  9. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, and K. Hinger,
    "Experimental Verification of Negative Refraction in 2D Photonic Crystals" 
    XVI National Simposium on Condensed Matter Physics, Sokobanja, Serbia (2004)
  10. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, K. Hingerl,
    "Experimental and theoretical studies on the negative refraction of photonic crystals",
    Jahrestagung der ÖPG, Linz, Proceed. pp. ? 
  11. R. Gajic, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, J. Zarbakhsh, K. Hingerl,
    'Negative Refraction in 2D Square Lattice Photonic Crystals at Millimetre  Waves'
    Jahrestagung der DPG, Berlin (2005), Abstr. Proceed. pp.

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