Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials (CSSPNM) is an interdisciplinary research Center of Institute of Physics devoted to optical spectroscopy research of wide group of materials (from semiconductors and high-temperature superconductors to insulators and magnetic materials). The principal interests of the Center are vibrational properties of these materials at the nanoscale. Very close interactions between experimental and theoretical activities are key elements of our approach. 

     The current research at CSSPNM is organized in several activities: 
Act. 1 Strongly correlated electron systems 
Act. 2 Optical and transport properties of manganites with colossal magnetoresistivity effect 
Act. 3 Characterization of nano-powders and nano-structures  
Act. 4 Photonic Crystal Physics

     Former research activities:

Vibrational and luminescence spectroscopy of semimagnetic semiconductors



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